The Antwerp Pride – The 2020 theme

Antwerp Pride will be different due to Covid-19 government rules.
Please find all alternative events and updates on the Antwerp Pride Website and our Social Media Channels.

Together We Pride. Here’s the overarching theme of Antwerp Pride’s thirteenth edition which will take place from Wednesday through Sunday 9 August 2020. This year’s theme shows that Antwerp Pride is a celebration for the LGBTQI+ community, but also for the entire city and far beyond.

“Antwerp Pride has built many bridges over the years in our city,” says president Bart Abeel. “Within the traditional LGBTQI+ community, for sure, but also with the city of Antwerp, the industry, the cultural scene, …” We are happy to celebrate today with certain groups in society who might not have been ready to join in thirteen years ago. I am thinking of the sporting world, but also newcomers and the world of education, for instance. All these connections show how diverse our city has become and how this diversity is embraced in a festive way.

Antwerp Pride has connected so many people, cultures, organisations, streets and neighbourhoods and has allowed them to discover and mingle. This years’ message of togetherness wants to underline this. This year’s slogan Together we Pride will take many forms, because Together we care! Together we share! Together we unite! Together we fight! Together we celebrate! Together we Pride!

There are obviously endless variations to the theme. From Together we Sport to Together we Parade! The possibilities are as colourful and diverse as our community and city. Antwerp Pride kicks off on Wednesday 5 August.